Some tips: Book Direct! Don't use third-party sites to book parking. It will actually end up costing you more because of the third-party site's fees and charges. We always recommend that you book direct with your parking company!

If you need parking at Miami Airport, you are probably looking at two things when you make your decision: location and price. We understand that parking might not be the most important part of your trip, but we want to make it the easiest part of your trip. There are multiple parking options such as nearby hotels, offsite airport parking companies, and parking at the actual airport (by the way, don't park at Miami Airport unless you want to pay $17 per day).

Price and location are a big deal when you're traveling, so let's compare!

  Hotel Parking  
Place Price Distance from MIA
Embassy Suites $17.00 per day 2.5 miles
Crowne Plaza $15.00 per day 2.1 miles

  Offsite Airport Parking  
Place Price Distance from MIA
Park N Fly $9.95 per day 1.8 miles
Fast Park $9.81 per day 1.4 miles
Park, Go, Fly $6.95 - $9.45 per day 1.7 miles
Florida Economy $6.50 per day 1.5 miles

We think that these prices speak for themselves! First off, don't park on the property of Miami Airport. They have high parking rates and you have to walk quite a bit to get to your terminal. Also, don't park at a nearby hotel. As seen above, they are pricey. We would suggest parking at an off-site airport parking location because they consistently have lower rates, and they drop you off right at the terminal's curbside. We believe that off-site airport parking companies offer the best of both worlds when it comes to convenience and price.

At Florida Economy, we want you to choose the option that is best for you. However, we think that we can give you the best parking experience at MIA Airport. As seen above, we offer the lowest parking prices, and we are minutes away from Miami Airport. When you arrive, we park your vehicle for you so you can be whisked away to the airport by our new shuttle. We'll drop you off at your terminal's curbside so you can get to your flight quickly.

Choose Florida Economy the next time you need parking at Miami Airport. Don't forget to book direct with us!